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F series connector sheath structure plug

Model: TGN.1031F.304.CLAD52Z

Silver plug with long sheath structure

Tail sheath structure

Brass pearl electroplated chrome silver metal shell

is mainly used in application environments with complex electromagnetic signals and harsh use conditions, and is widely used in special needs such as military instruments and individual equipment.

Features of F series connectors:

1. Fast push-pull self-locking system;

2. External Fixed welding socket in front of the fixed plate;

3. Straight nut type tail structure plug, various sizes of clips are available;

4. Various positioning Chip selection can avoid mixed insertion between similar connectors for one machine and multiple use, and blind insertion errors;

5. Metal shell, 360-degree shielding, anti-electromagnetic interference; ;

6.F series is divided into multiple series: 102F (0F)/103F (1F)/1031F (1.5F)/104F (2F) 105F (3F) and other sizes; from 2 cores to 19 A variety of core specifications are available, and high-density installation saves space;

7. Positioning piece system, single positioning piece, double positioning piece, used for connector alignment.

F series connector technical performance:

Mechanical life: 3000 times

Vibration: frequency 10-20000Hz, acceleration 147m/s 2 , ≤1um instantaneous interruption

Shock: Acceleration 490m/s 2 , ≤1um instantaneous break

Working temperature: -55℃ ~ +200℃

Relative humidity: 95% at 40°C

Protection class: IP68

Salt spray: 90h (145h for stainless steel 316L)