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B-Multi-Core Self-Locking Connector F-Military Aviation Connector K-Waterproof Low Voltage Connector P-Medical Device Connector S-Remo Self-Locking Connector Circular Push-Pull Self-Locking Connector Micro Self-Locking Connector W-Waterproof Connector Industrial Vision Harness M12 Series M8 Series Connector M23 Connector Hirose 12 Core Head Hole Trigger Line Laser Signal Line
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Push-pull self-locking connector_welding wire connector_coaxial connector

Model: ZRA.1S.160.CLL

Soldering socket on the back of the board

Coaxial structure, RF signal transmission

Brass gold-plated needle core

Brass electroplated pearl chrome silver metal shell

It is mainly used in the application environment with complex electromagnetic signals, in military equipment, individual equipment, It is widely used in special needs such as medical testing instruments.

S series connectors have the following main features:

1. Safe push-pull self-locking system, high-density installation, space saving;

2. Half-moon-shaped stepped rubber core prevents mis-insertion, and is equipped with male and female contact cores, polarity positioning prevents blind insertion, and high stability;

3. Metal shell, 360-degree shielding provides all-round EMC protection and anti-electromagnetic interference; There is always a suitable one for you;

5. From 00S (M7) to 4S (M25), you can choose from a variety of sizes, and there is always a suitable one.

6. Weight Guarantee: All parts are made of carefully selected high-quality materials, which determines the service life of Zhongxiang (zxdz) connectors; 

7. Connector tightness: suitable for use in high vibration and strong shock environments;

8. Novel appearance: The appearance combines the ingenious design of easy plugging and unplugging with beautifully coordinated lines, showing the high-end atmosphere of the equipment.