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Push-pull self-locking connector_angled connector_miniature connector


Shell: Copper alloy surface with nickel plating or sand chrome, black chrome, etc.

Insulator: material is PA66, PSU, PPUS, PPS, PEEK.

Contact body: copper alloy processing, surface gold plating.

Mainly used in industrial vision (industrial cameras), test instruments, medical equipment and other applications.

Miniature push-pull self-locking circular electrical connectors are widely used in electronics, instrumentation, video processing, medical equipment and so on.

—Push-pull self-locking connection is easy and quick to connect and disconnect. (Anti-slip design on the surface of the shell, the sound prompts when self-locking)

—the exquisite self-locking device ensures a firm and reliable connection.

—Using a reasonable five-key design, it has a complete anti-blind insertion function.

—miniaturized compact structure design. (It can effectively save the space of the device, and realize the miniature design of the device.