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Industrial camera network cable

Industrial camera Gigabit Ethernet cable Basler Hikvision high-flex with screw fixed cable

Cable classification: 15 million times drag chain type, 5 million times static type, 30 million times drag chain type

Custom service: provide

Length optional: 1/2/3/5/6/7/8/10/12/15 /16/20/25/30m

Brand: Zhongxiang

Product Description:

Cable Type: Twisted Pair

Cable Outer Diameter : 6.5MM

Processing technology: cold pressing, injection molding

Cable color: customizable

Shielding layer: more than 95% coverage


Industrial Grade Cable, Military quality requirements

Compatible with the original transmission line, stable and reliable

Strong, flexible, bending resistance

Core twisted pair structure

Using the wire core twisting technology, effectively lock the inner core signal and reduce the internal crosstalk

Reduce the influence of electromagnetic radiation and external electromagnetic interference

Enhanced signal stability

Applicable to various working environments

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Horizontal Screw Lock to Flat Cable


RJ45 model connector


Applicable Scenario: Machine Vision, Industrial Control Equipment, Automation Industry Chain, UAV Application




Product parameters:

Product name: Industrial camera Gigabit high-flex shielded network cable

Model: ZX-TYWX-AA03M

Plug: shielded metal shell core

Contact Points: Galvanized

Material: tinned copper

Outer quilt: Environmentally friendly PVC

Features: high flexibility and bending resistance, shielding and anti-interference, supporting POE power supply

Applicable models: Basler, Dalsa, Hikvision, AVT or Gray Dot, etc.