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Zhongxiang participated in the 2019 Shenzhen Wire Harness Connector Exhibition

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        2019 Shenzhen International Connector, Cable Harness and Processing Equipment Exhibition The curtain came to an end. During the exhibition, the products exhibited by Zhongxiang Company include: various high-precision self-locking aviation connectors, and high-flex towline Gigabit Ethernet cables for industrial automation equipment, machine vision, robots, manipulators, and beauty and medical equipment.IO Trigger lines, light source lines, etc., among which many types of industrial equipment supporting cables are the most concerned, attracting a large number of exhibition audiences to watch and continue to pay attention.

        This exhibition meets the diversified needs of the industrial field for connectors and cable harness products, attracting many professional visitors. Zhongxiang Electronics has not only won the trust of customers in Taiwan, Russia, South Korea, etc., but also has established cooperation with many domestic manufacturers. Zhongxiang will better help China's intelligent manufacturing with high-quality products and high-quality services.