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Connectors will occupy the new energy vehicle market

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         Applications in the electronics, automotive, and medical industries are gaining traction. Components are getting smaller and smaller, circuits are getting more and more precise, and the transmission speed is getting faster and faster. Connectors are developing in the direction of high density, miniaturization, thinning, combination, high speed, small batch and multi-variety. It will become a new growth point for the connector industry.

       In the automotive market, new energy vehicles can be described as a "field of hope". If you want to receive goods in this land, in addition to making breakthroughs in key technologies such as batteries, motors, and electronic controls, including connectors The core electronic components including the car must make a difference, instead of being reduced to a "supporting role" like the traditional car collection. This article is to analyze with you, how to design connectors to occupy the market of new energy vehicles!


1. Automotive Connector 

    Green cars, green components Because new energy vehicles are "green" cars, connectors also require green environmental protection. Whether it is the production of components or the actual application, the use of green materials, avoiding pollution and reducing energy consumption have become factors that manufacturers must consider, and these green features will also become the market advantages of products.  

2. Security           

    Voltage capability, the need for high standards of protection against electric shock is obvious. At the same time at such high power, electromagnetic interference is another important issue. In addition, the plugging and unplugging operation of the connector will generate arcing, which will seriously harm the electrical connection and electronic equipment, and may cause the car to burn, which requires special design and development of the connector, such as preventing high voltage when exposed. Air breakdown, which requires a certain air gap; in the case of high voltage and high current, the temperature rise cannot exceed the rated value; weight, strength and ease of processing should be considered when selecting the housing material, and at different temperatures How to maintain the stability of the material properties of the connector terminals, how to ensure the necessary conductivity, etc. need to be considered.  

3. Connectivity Aspects         

    Due to the continuous expansion of automotive entertainment systems, the increasing importance. "For example, in some models, a camera is installed on the reversing mirror, which allows the driver to have a wider field of vision, which requires a connector to transmit more data. Sometimes a connector is required to transmit GPS signals and broadcasts at the same time. Signal problem, which requires improving its data transmission capability.

4.Other aspects  

         Because the car engine is usually placed in front of the car, although there is a firewall to protect it, some heat will be conducted, so the connector must be able to withstand high temperatures. In addition, the "harsh" requirements for car connectors are also reflected in their lifespan. There are elastic elements in general connectors, which will lose their efficacy after a certain number of insertions and unplugging, so the lifespan is generally about 3-5 years, and a car can be used for 10-20 years, so the life of car connectors must be consistent with The life of the car is equivalent, and the requirements for the connector are quite high.

5. Conclusion 

        new markets with New opportunities, but also many challenges and difficulties. After our country's industry has accumulated capital brought about by the rough assembly model, we should devote more resources and energy to product upgrading and research and development, so that in the future The market is no longer controlled by others. New energy vehicles not only bring a vast market space for electronic components including connectors, but also a good opportunity for product upgrades. 

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