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Industry 4.0 demand for connectors

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        From the sales performance of the current connector manufacturers and distributors , Industry 4.0 has a great pulling effect on the demand for connectors. At present, Industry 4.0 does have a significant pulling effect on connectors. Compared with 2015, the overall sales of connectors in Malaysia in 2016 and 2017 have nearly double-digit growth, and industrial connectors account for 10%-15% of the company's total connector revenue.

      Compared with consumer, military, automotive and medical connectors, industrial connectors have many different characteristics, such as dustproof, water release, shockproof, high and low temperature, etc. Remo connectors, these The characteristics bring considerable challenges to the design and production of connectors. Yang Siyuan also told reporters that industrial connectors have strict requirements on "reliability, IP rating, operating temperature and shock resistance", and even many indicators require that they meet automotive and even military standards. As a result, the original factory needs a longer cycle for new product development, more consideration and more rigorous testing, and the R&D cost will also be high, which will test the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer.

      Molex Industrial Solutions Business Development Manager Linda Shan emphasized that Remo connectors, industrial interconnect systems must be designed to withstand a variety of harsh environments, including extreme temperatures, pressure, vibration, dust and erosion Corrosive chemicals, etc., associated with ratings such as IP67 NEMA, set the standard for the conditions under which the connector can operate.

      “In the era of Industry 4.0, data-centric electronics do require interconnect systems that are flexible enough to be used in space-constrained environments, while being able to withstand harsh industrial conditions.” Linda Shan cited Molex's new Squba 1.80mm pitch sealed wire-to-wire connector system designed not only for use in tight spaces, but also for protection against liquids, dust and dirt. The connectors can carry currents up to 6.0 amps, Remo connectors, and seals meet IP67 NEMA rating requirements. The seals are held in place by end caps, providing manufacturers of sensors, lighting and vending machines with a highly durable barrier against moisture and dust, with operating temperature extremes ranging from -40°C to +105°C.