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M12A.BDX connector wiring

Cognex Industrial Camera Super Flexible Towline Network Cable M12 4/5/8/12 Core Air Plug to RJ45 Crystal Head 4P Cable

Product Category: A type: 4/5/8/12 cores; B type: 4/5 cores; D type: 4/5 cores; X type: 8 cores

Cable specifications: domestic static or imported Towline

Length: 1/2/3/5/8/10/15/20m

Model: M12A Male

Brand: Zhongxiang

Product parameters:

Thread: M12*1

Model: M12

Number of needles: 4/5/8 optional  

Name: M12 male bend Cable 

Wire Diameter: 5MM  Cable 

Pouring Material: Environmentally Friendly PVC (PA/PU Optional)

Pure copper core: 0.25MM2 or 0.34MM2

Cable cover: Environmental protection PVC (optional PUR/Teflon)Pin: Copper Gold Plated

Insulation Material: Environmental PVC

Screw: Copper Nickel Plated

Temperature: -40 To +80℃

Packing: PE

Product Details:

RJ456 Category Gigabit Ethernet Cable 


M12 Ethernet cable, IP67 protection, resistant to bending, drag chain  


PVC, PUR are suitable for drag chain, bending dynamic environment

Transmission signal complete anti-interference, easy to install


Injection molding technology ensures perfect IP67 sealing and provides reliable strain relief

Resistance to oil stains, coolant, lubricant and emulsion properties, resistance to welding sparks, resistance to frequent twisting and bending. The shielded connector has good anti-electromagnetic interference performance and good mechanical and electrical performance, ensuring stability and reliability.


Fast and stable, highly flexible cable for drag chains. The braided shielding layer is more than 95%, the multi-layer shielding has strong anti-interference ability, and the number of bending times is more than 15 million times, which can be used in the workplace with extremely small bending radius. Multi-strand ultra-fine finely stranded conductor, high-density tinned copper shield, heat-resistant, oil-resistant flexible PVC sheath, non-woven tape.

Different model shapes, pin counts, cable qualities and lengths contribute to automated solutions


Product Category:

Type A: 4/5/8/12 cores

Type B: 4/5 cores

Type D: 4/5 cores

Type X: 8 cores

Cable specification: domestic static or imported towline

Length: 1/2/3/5/8/10/15/20 meters

Model: M12A male

Brand: Zhongxiang

Thread: M12*1

Model: M12

Number of needles: 4/5/8 optional

Product Name: M12 Male Elbow Cable

Wire diameter: 5MM Cable

Casting material: environmental protection PVC (optional PA/PU)

Pure copper wire core: 0.25MM2 or 0.34MM2

Cable cover: environmental protection PVC (optional PUR/Teflon)

Pins: Copper Gold Plated

Insulation material: Environmentally friendly PVC

Screws: Nickel-plated brass

Temperature: -40 to +80℃

Packing: PE