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Automotive connector manufacturing process

Time:2019-09-21 Browse:

        The competitiveness of automotive connectors relies on the level of production technology, and continues The development of new production technology and the improvement of existing production and processing technology can maximize the production efficiency of products and the ability to ensure quality.

1, Precision manufacturing technology; This technology is mainly used for technologies such as small distance and thin thickness , can guarantee to reach the advanced level of the same industry in the world in the field of ultra-precision manufacturing.

2, The combined development technology of light source signal and electromechanical layout; On the audio car connector into the electronic component, by adding electronic components to the car connector, the car connector has two functions, making it break the traditional design of the car connector.

3, Low temperature and low pressure molding technology: Using sealing and physicochemical hot melt materials The function of insulation and temperature resistance can be achieved. After packaging, the wire ensures that the solder joints are not pulled by external forces, ensuring the quality and reliability of automotive connectors.